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The Stupid Detective in...
Lie Detector Test

DETECTIVE: You claim you didn't murder those six police officers. Now… would you be willing to take a lie detector test to prove your innocence?

SUSPECT: (Long pause.) Yes.

DETECTIVE: (Smiles.) Congratulations. That was the lie detector test… and you just passed.

SUSPECT: Really?

DETECTIVE: You bet! No guilty person would ever agree to take an actual lie detector test… that would just prove they're guilty. My lie detector test is much more effective.

SUSPECT: Yeah, so do you think I could get a ride home?

DETECTIVE: Well considering you're innocent, sure.

SUSPECT: Cool! Also, can I hold your gun?

DETECTIVE: I don't see why not. Here you go.

(The Detective hands the Suspect his gun.)

SUSPECT: Thanks. This is going to be a fun ride home.

DETECTIVE: A fun ride home with two innocent people in the car.

SUSPECT: Yeah… innocent.

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