The Comedy Basement 

Those who are fans of this site may also get a kick out of the following books:

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Simon Rich's first book helped me realize that I could one day be a successful writer.
Rich's second book is just as funny as his first... if not more so.
Jack Handey's book has some very funny stories in it. "The Draculas" is my favorite.
Handey is able to make you laugh out-loud with very few words. Also, check out the other 3 versions of "Deep Thoughts".
Steve Martin taught me how to be funny with only the written word. Thanks!
Whoever really wrote this book, it's the first book I ever laughed out-loud to... laughed hard.
This book is living proof that a website can bring you due recognition as a humor writer.
Michael Kupperman's comics don't just break the rules, they invent their own. Very helpful for those who have trouble coming up with "endings" to their stories.