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Old Stories
A Sport Tougher Than Football "Jessie's Girl" My Name Is Joe
Chocolate Milk Drinking Contest The Stranger Stubble-Man
The Stupid Detective Pluto (Dwarf Planet) Hot Date
Winston Kills Nelson The Usual My Little Pony
The Tim Robbins Tattoo Story Body-Snatchers Interview with a Snowflake
Treating Women Like Objects A Letter To Michael Bublé Smoking is Cool
Monster Mash Pt. 1 Monster Mash Pt. 2 The Creepy Janitor
If I Were Rich Don't Fuck With Freeman The Stupid Detective 2
The Best Man Speech A Visit With Santa Claus The Christmas Coal
Chester & Dexter The Mouth Harp Hit Men
M as in Murderer Whole Lotta Denim Meeting My Friend's New Baby
The Boyfriend and The Brother Toys The Fuckin' Easter Bunny
The Hitler 'Stache The Bloody Chair
Denny the Demon