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Interview with a Snowflake

INTERVIEWER: I'm here with Snow Flake... the world's most famous snowflake. Snow, thanks for being here tonight.

SNOW: Just glad to be on a real news show. Not one of those other ones... you know, the trashy kind.

INTERVIEWER: Yes... we are definitely not one of those.

SNOW: Great.

INTERVIEWER: So.... how's your sex life?

SNOW: I beg your pardon?

INTERVIEWER: Your sex life... how is it?

SNOW: That seems kind of personal. I thought this was a real news show.

INTERVIEWER: It is, it is... it's just that you're a very famous snowflake – you're one a kind! Our viewers are very interested to know everything about you.

SNOW: Everything?

INTERVIEWER: Everything. So... sex life?

SNOW: Well, I'm married, so I guess you could say I don't have much of a sex life.

(Both laugh.)

SNOW: I'm just kidding of course... I love my wife, Susan – she's the best part of my life.

INTERVIEWER: And the best about being a snowflake? Some might say it's the uniqueness factor.

SNOW: Oh, for sure. It's a great feeling knowing that there isn't another snowflake out there that looks exactly the same as you do.

INTERVIEWER: Well, we've got a surprise for you... we searched high and low, and we found another snowflake... and he looks exactly like you!

SNOW: What?

INTERVIEWER: Say hello to Tony.

(Tony enters.)


SNOW: What the hell is this?

INTERVIEWER: This is Tony Flake. He's your identical twin.

SNOW: Not possible.

INTERVIEWER: I don't know... you two look pretty similar.

SNOW: But I'm a snowflake. We don't have lookalikes.

TONY: Hehe... that's not what your wife said last night.

SNOW: What?

INTERVIEWER: Uh-oh, I think Tony just admitted to using your
likeness to lure your wife into bed.

TONY: For sex.


SNOW: (In disbelief.) I think we need to end this interview now.


SNOW: Well, I'm pretty upset. I just found out my wife is cheating on me with a snowflake that looks exactly like me.

INTERVIEWER: Yeah, that hurts.

SNOW: It's like my entire life is crumbling before my eyes.

INTERVIEWER: That's what we do.

SNOW: (Confused.) That`s what you do? What kind of show is this?

INTERVIEWER: The trashy kind. 

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