The Comedy Basement 
Whole Lotta Denim

GREG: Oh my... what are you wearing?

LARS: You like?

GREG: You look like Jay Leno in casual wear.

LARS: Nice, huh?

GREG: Well... that’s a lot denim.

LARS: I know. Remember you told me that denim was cool?

GREG: Yeah, but that was because all you ever wore was sweat pants... sweat pants with Looney Tunes characters on them.

LARS: (Laughs) Don’t see any Looney Tunes characters now, do you?

GREG: Yeah, I do. There’s a giant picture of the Tasmanian Devil on the back of your denim shirt.

LARS: Oh yeah. This was the only denim shirt I had. But what do you think about these killer jeans? They’re Bugle Boy!

GREG: They look quite snug. How long have you had those?

LARS: 1996.

GREG: Wow, and they still fit... kind of. (Laughs) Well I did tell you to wear jeans. It really was the only thing made of denim that I suggested you wear but whatev... are your shoes made of denim?

LARS: Sure are. You like?

GREG: I didn’t know that they even made shoes out of denim.

LARS: Oh yeah! They make pretty much everything out of denim... look at this?

GREG: Are those denim socks?

LARS: Yeah!

GREG: Well those can’t be comfortable.

LARS: Oh they’re not. But you said wearing denim would make me cool... and look at me now – I’m cool!

GREG: I couldn’t help but notice you have no underwear line. You’re not wearing a denim thong, are you?


GREG: Alright... good.

LARS: It’s a denim G-string.

GREG: Good Lord.

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