The Comedy Basement 
The Mouth Harp 

Gordon approaches Danny Boy, who is playing a mouth harp)

GORDON: Hey, cool – a mouth harp! What songs can you play?


(Danny Boy plays Stairway to Heaven)

GORDON: That was amazing. Let’s hear some more.

(Danny Boy wows Gordon by playing Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit)

GORDON: That was quite fantastic.

DANNY BOY: Thanks.

GORDON: Do you know anything by Destiny’s Child?

(Danny Boy plays Lose My Breath)

GORDON: I was actually hoping for something off their Survivor album.

DANNY BOY: Let me see what I can do.

(Danny Boy plays Bootylicious)

DANNY BOY: How was that?

GORDON: You’re a musical genius!

DANNY BOY: They call me the David Bowie of mouth harps.

GORDON: I play trombone. We should definitely jam sometime.

DANNY BOY: Hmmm. Trombone and the mouth harp?

(Danny Boy thinks about this potential partnership for six minutes while Gordon waits patiently, drooling)

DANNY BOY: Well...seems like a pretty natural collaboration to me, you got yourself a deal!

(Gordon and Danny Boy shake hands… this will go on to become their “secret” handshake)

GORDON: (Giggles) I’ve had dreams that end this way.

DANNY BOY: Gordon, my slightly balding friend, we’re living the dream.

(Gordon and Danny Boy hug passionately) 


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