The Comedy Basement 
My Little Pony

(A guy gets onto the bus and approaches an empty seat beside a pretty girl.)

GUY: Is it alright if I sit here?

GIRL: Yeah, sure.

GUY: (Sits down.) Thanks. Don't you just hate taking the bus?

GIRL: Yeah, it's the worst.

(An old man sits down nearby. The guy ignores him and continues talking.)

GUY: So, do you take the bus often?

GIRL: Just to school and back. Do you?

OLD MAN: Every now and then.

GUY: Uhhh, no sir… I think she was talking to me.

OLD MAN: Oh... I'm sorry…

(The old man looks closely at the guy.)

GUY: What?

OLD MAN: I think I know you from somewhere?

GUY: (Embarrassed.) I don't think so.

OLD MAN: Yeah, I remember you. You used to live in the house behind me.

GUY: Did I?

OLD MAN: Yeah, you used to run around the yard, playing…. Oh, what did ya used to call it?

GUY: Ninja Turles…? Transformers…? Guns…?

OLD MAN: No, no. It was something with a horse… like, my tiny horsie?

GUY: I don't know, man.

OLD MAN: My... little horsey?

GIRL: Do you mean My Little Pony?!

OLD MAN: That's the one!

GUY: (Embarrassed.) No, I don't think so.

OLD MAN: Yeah, this young fella' over here used to run around in his underwear playing My Little Pony… all day long, from sunrise to sunset. Absolutely loved it.

GUY: You don't know what you're talking about.

OLD MAN: Yeah, you used to gallop around your backyard yelling "I'm a pony mommy! Look, I'm a pony!"

GIRL: (Laughs.) That's so cute.

GUY: Really, you think so? Because I played it a lot.

GIRL: Yeah, my little brother used to do the exact same thing… he's Autistic. Here's my stop. Nice talking to you both.

OLD MAN: Goodbye dear.

(The girl leaves.)

GUY:(Annoyed.) Why did you have to say all that?

OLD MAN: Say what?

GUY: Just, nevermind...

(A few seconds of silence.)

OLD MAN: So you still play My Little Pony?

GUY: (Sighs.) Yeah. 

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