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Why The Band at Silverados Always Plays "Jessie's Girl"

(A club owner meets with the band after rehearsal, the day before their big performance at his bar, Silverados.)

CLUB OWNER: So really, just go through your usual set and you'll do fine. I've seen you guys play before and I think the crowd is going to enjoy what you have to offer.

LEAD SINGER: Thanks, we'll try our best.


LEAD SINGER: Alright then…see you tomorrow night.

CLUB OWNER: Yeah sure, and if you guys could just play Jessie's Girl, that would be great.

LEAD SINGER: Jessie's Girl…by Rick Springfield?

CLUB OWNER: The crowd really digs that song.

LEAD SINGER: I don't know…

CLUB OWNER: You don't understand – you must play Jessie's Girl.

LEAD SINGER: I don't think this is going to work out.

(The next day at Silverado's, the club owner meets with a new band after rehearsal, a few hour before their big performance that evening.)

CLUB OWNER: Okay, you guys are a pretty good band.


CLUB OWNER: Of course, you weren't our first choice but yeah…you're still pretty good.

GUITAR PLAYER: Just trying to pay the bills, man.

CLUB OWNER: Uh-huh. So you'll go on tonight at eight.

GUITAR PLAYER: Okay, but before we do, could you throw in a free meal and some drinks?

CLUB OWNER: Sure, whatever it takes to get you on stage – just one thing though.


CLUB OWNER: Play Jessie's Girl.

GUITAR PLAYER: Uhhhhh…. How much free food and drink will you give us?

CLUB OWNER: Unlimited tap water and a plate of fries.

GUITAR PLAYER: I don't think this is going to work out.

(Later that night, the club owner meets with an older man, a solo artist who is available to perform at the last minute.)

CLUB OWNER: I'm so glad you could get here on such short notice. I found your add taped to our condom dispenser.

SOLO ARTIST: No problem. I just love to play, even if it is in ten minutes.

CLUB OWNER: That's great. But there's one thing I'll need you to do.

SOLO ARTIST: I'll do it.

CLUB OWNER: I didn't tell you yet. I like your enthusiasm though

SOLO ARTIST: Many people do.

CLUB OWNER: Okay, so what I need you to do is play Jessie's Girl.

SOLO ARTIST: Jessie's Girl?


SOLO ARTIST: I love that song!!!


SOLO ARTIST: Well of course! After all, I wrote it!

CLUB OWNER: Rick Springfield?

RICK SPRINGFIELD: You better believe it.

CLUB OWNER: Wow, Mr. Springfield – is there anything special I can do for you?

RICK SPRINGFIELD: I'm pretty hungry. You think I could get a free meal and some drinks?

CLUB OWNER: Unlimited tap water and a plate of fries?



RICK SPRINGFIELD: I think this is really going to work out 

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