The Comedy Basement 

In the Nineteenth Century, body-snatchers stole and removed corpses from graveyards for the purpose of dissection and study in the medical world. This is a story about two of those body-snatchers.

(Two body-snatchers are digging up a body in a dark graveyard.)

DOUG: Man, I love this.

MARVIN: What? You mean digging up bodies?

DOUG: Yeah. It's a good life.

MARVIN: Well, we're almost done, so I hope you won't be too sad when it's over.

DOUG: I think I'll survive...

(Doug and Marvin laugh and then continue digging until Marvin hits something.)

MARVIN: Hey, I think we've got something here.

DOUG: Oh yeah...?

(Marvin shovels some more dirt off of the casket and Doug opens it up.)

DOUG: Ahhhh, shit.

MARVIN: What's wrong?

DOUG: Nothing. It's just that...


DOUG: Well, doesn't he look a little fat to you?

MARVIN: You know what... he is a little bigger than what we're used to.

DOUG: He's more than just big... he's fat.

MARVIN: Come on, he's dead.

DOUG: I'm sorry but that is one very fat man.

MARVIN: Well...

DOUG: Fat, fat , fatty. He's very, very fat.

MARVIN: So let's get him out of here then. Maybe they'll pay us by the pound?

DOUG: Are you kidding me?

MARVIN: No... we're body-snatchers, so I figured at some point, we'd actually be snatching this body.

DOUG: No way.

MARVIN: But that's our job!

DOUG: Not today, it isn't. Not when the guy in the box is the size of the Loch Ness Monster!

MARVIN: Well what do we do now?

DOUG: I don't know... just leave it.

MARVIN: Leave it?

DOUG: Yeah, maybe those really muscular body-snatchers from the other side of town will come by and grab him. They could probably get this guy out of here.

MARVIN: Kind of a waste of time for us though.

DOUG: My back can't handle it. It already hurts so damn much from shovelling dirt every night.

MARVIN: So we'll leave it.

DOUG: Yeah. Sorry.

MARVIN: Kind of sucks. I really needed the money – I think my kid's getting the plague.

DOUG: Well at least he won't die the same way as this fat slob.

MARVIN: I guess you're right about that.

DOUG: Yeah, forget date of death on the tombstone... give me the weight at death. (Laughs.) Am I right?

(Doug and Marvin laugh uncontrollably for eight minutes.)

MARVIN: Yeah, we should get t-shirts made with that saying on it.

DOUG: Yeah, all the other body-snatchers will get a real kick out of it. 

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